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Ariefah Curry House & 66 Snack House @ Lintas

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Ariefah Curry House
Location: Opposite Kedai Kopi Kah Hiong
Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 2.5/5
Teh-O and Teh-C Iced
Ariefah Curry House used to be Jack's favourite hangout spot. Most of the time, after our Saturday's night movie, Jack will hangout with his friends at Ariefah Curry House with a plate of Roti Canai and a glass of Teh-C Iced.
Ayam Goreng RM3.50
When you ordered the Ayam Goreng, they will warm-it-up for you. It was one of Jack's favourite order. The crispy skin had mild curry's flavour. It tasted a little salty on its own, so, no additional sauce was needed.
Roti Canai
Needless to say, Roti Canai is one of Malaysian's favourite. The Roti Canai here was not bad. Some parts of the Roti Canai is crunchy and some parts had the chewy texture. Goes well with Curry sauce or Dhaal.
Roti Cobra RM4.50
It was my first attempt trying the Roti Cobra. Actually, I had no idea about Roti Cobra. Turn out, it was good. Roti Canai served with Fried Egg and Curry Chicken. Compared to a plain Roti Canai, the Roti Cobra is more filling.
Total paid = RM13.20
The simple meal was not enough to satisfy Jack's appetite. We went for next round of food.
The 66 Snack House which was previously located next to 7Eleven, had relocated to a shop lot opposite Pepper Jack.
With plenty of selection and each stick of Luk Luk only cost RM1.00. You have the option to fry or boil the Luk Luk.
Sauces available
We just had few sticks of the Luk Luk as snack. Jack preferred the Fried version while I preferred the boiled version.
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