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Claypot Meal @ Olde Station, Citymall

Monica Friday, October 8, 2010 , , , ,
 Olde Station
Location: Next to Vedablu and Pizza Hut
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Visit reviewed: 16/08/10 and 01/10/10
Chrysanthemum Drink (comes with the Set Meal)
It was a rainy day in KK. Due to the heavy rain, Jack and I just settled down at Citymall for dinner. Among all the cafe in Citymall, my favourite place had always been Olde Station. Just few months ago, they started coming out with some new ideas in their Menu which included Yau Char Kwai and some local pastries. Recently, they had even launch some new dishes which included Fish Noodle, Claypot Rice and Claypot Assam Fish.
Claypot Assam Fish Set RM12.70
Observing the price, it gave me an impression that it is quite pricey. However, portion wise, it was quite big. The Assam Fish tasted really good and incredibly rich in spices flavour. Quite spicy though. I could polish-up a second bowl of rice with such a good Assam Fish. My only qualm was the fried fish does tasted a little bit fishy.

Claypot Chicken Rice Set RM11.70
In KK, it is not easy to find a good Claypot Chicken Rice. Most locals agreed that Yee Fung @ Gaya Street serve the best Claypot Rice. According to Jack, Olde's Claypot Chicken Rice is comparable with Yee Fung. It was delicious. The flavourful gravy made the rice tasted good. What I like the most was the crunchy rice which stick at the side of the claypot.

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