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Reminisce Cafe - Food Review Invitation @ Mid Valley

Reminisce Cafe "Gau Siong Hoe" @ Mid Valley (next to Spaghetti Grill)
Lot G (External Floor),
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2201 8168
Visit reviewed:  26/09/2010  and 04/10/2010

This is a food review invitation from Reminisce, recieved an email from Ernest. There are about 3-4 partners in Reminisce, all of them are from hotel industry, F&B and they're young, in their early 30's. Reason they name it Reminisce is because it match their concept and idea, their interior and food are supposed to remind you those good old days when you're little or during your childhood. Chef is also one of their partner as well, all the food from menu are ala-minute.
They will be inviting more food writer over to try up their food, so it will create more awareness of their restaurant or cafe around this secluded corner of Mid Valley City. I'm glad they invited me, cause my previous visit, I don't dare to take much photos of their interior, afraid to get scolded cause I don't it to spoil my day when I do food review, and especially when you pay for the food and do advertising for them free.
When you look at the interior, do you have the same feeling as I have?
 Ice Lemon Tea, RM3.90
Mamak Teh Tarik, RM2.90
As good as the one you get from Mamak stall, good to accompany with piece of biscuit and water to wash your tongue before you taste your main meal
Lemongrass Jelly with aloe-vera, RM4.50
You must try this...thumbs up! Healthy dessert
Sweetened Luk Mei, RM4.50
I like this dessert when I was a kid cause I like the small little egg, haha!
Traditional Yam Cake, RM3.90
Lots of cube cut yam to keep you busy chewing it, smooth yam cake top with a good sweet sauce
Toasted Soft bun with Bak Kwa, Meat Floss and egg, RM7.90
Well, I wanted to eat up this most, this was my favourite, so good....try it and let me know if I'm wrong , haha!
Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken, RM8.50
Santani rich rice, aromatic curry chicken and spicy sambal....occassionally having this as an indulgence is good, must try...popular order!
Steamed Lo Mai Kai, RM3.90
Wow! Very flavourful ingredient on top of the Lo Mai Kai....I like it and the glutinious rice have a QQ texture
Only 2 of us tasting all this good food....arrhhh stretching my stomach now!
Here comes their menu
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