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Jonker Walk Night Market @ Melaka

Angeline Thursday, October 21, 2010 , , , , ,
Jonker Walk Night Market, open only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
After our sumptuous satay celup dinner, with our over loaded stomach, I think we should walk around more to digest our food. How can we not stop by Jonker Walk Night Market, although we are very full, the food, cafe and restaurant around this area looks good, make us salivaliting again.
Some local singer performing
Hmmm..I wonder, is this hotel good?
Sorry, those are not real food, coin boxes!
Coin box, looks like real food
Coin box
We took picture of this over crowded bakery shop, must be nice ha!
Sorry, we were too full, didn't buy anything from here
Wow! Nice dim sum, wish I can still eat now
Some nice lighting deco
Gula Ketuk or Ting Ting Tong
My childhood junk food
I did buy 2 packet from here, I think it was RM3 or RM5 for 2 packet, can't remember
Below, the little girl look scare when we took her photo, so cute!
Fried potatoes, Snack food
Fish cake
Ping Tong Wu Lou, dessert
Candy Stick
Slurp...candy...I felt like a kid again
A Famosa Chicken Rice Shop, 2 outlet at this street, tomorrow I'm going to bring you to the one with beautiful interior for photo shoot.
Wall Arts
San Shu Gong Building
Bakery, souveniors and Cafe. Produce nice coffee, biscuit, kaya and etc.
Must visit, nice night market
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