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Kamdii Restaurant @ Lintas

Monica Thursday, October 28, 2010 , , , ,
Kamdii Restaurant
Location: Opposite Grace One, next to Asian Kitchen
Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Kamdii Restaurant which is located at Lintas, had actually been operating for quite some times. Somehow, every time we passed-by the restaurant, we refused to try as we never bother to find out the dishes serves at the restaurant. With an initial plan of eating at Asian Kitchen, we ended up at Kamdii Restaurant after surveying at the crowds.
 Kung Pao Chicken RM7.00
Used chicken thigh's meat, the Kung Pao Chicken was stir-fry with capsicum, chili, onion and ginger with dark soy sauce and black vinegar. The savoury taste also had a hint of sourish taste and mild spiciness. A dish that good to go with rice.
 Stir-fry Bittergourd with Beef RM6.00
The Beef was tender and well-cooked while the Bittergourd still maintained a little crispiness and not too soggy.

 Kamdii Beancurd RM6.00
I assumed that the Kamdii Beancurd is one of their signature dish. The fried beancurd was cooked with some sweet savoury sauce and topped with dried shrimps and spring onion. Beancurd tasted smooth and goes well with the sauce.

 Including 2 X White Rice + 2 X Plain Water, it cost RM23.50 in total.
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