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Contributed by Angie - Breakfast at Yut Kee Kopitiam, Dang Wangi

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Yut Kee Kopitiam
35, Jalan Dang Wangi, 50100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +60-3-2298 8108
Opens: Daily except Monday, 8am – 5pm
Food: 3.5/5
Services: 4/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
My hubby was craving for some good roast pork today, so he decided to drive me to Yut Kee a well known food establishment in town, historical and sentimental looking kopitiam, this is the 3rd generations of the Lee family managing Yut Kee, business since 1928. It was always crowded here, so tables are meant for sharing, don't worry the service is extremely fast.
Our breakfast cost around RM50, for 2 person dining.
Hmmm..miss my grandma...looking at this sentimental interior
1 whole roasted pork roll, RM130
Yut Kee’s roasted pork roll, RM12
Two slices of roasted pork roll served with apple sauce, with a crispy and crunchy skin. Hot item here, only available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Meat was stuffed with apricots, sage and pistachios to be roasted.
Kampung Chicken Half Boiled Eggs
We are lucky today, just right boiling time, something will be over cooked when they're too busy
Toast with kaya
 Generous serving of planta and kaya was given, do it yourself, I'm enjoying it!
Yut Kee’s Hainanese chicken chop, RM8.00
Chicken chops are top with brown gravy covered with lots of onions, hints of Lea Perrins Worcestershire sauce, served together with mixed vegetables and fried potatoes. I like the gravy more then the chicken, haha.
Hokkien Fried Mee Hoon
One of the recommended dish to order, yes, it was good!
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