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Dona's Place @ Yam Cha Corner, Rainfield Court

We were invited to review this humble corner just outside of Rainfield court, by the proprietor, Mr. Siva. Today, we are also joined by Julian and Farah (aka. Bobidom). The name of this shop is actually Yam Cha corner, and Dona's Place occupies this eatery at night.

Mr. Siva used to be the General Manager for Sutera Harbour resort, as well as the F&B director. These days, apart from being an entrepreneur, he is also the General Manager for Star City Conference and Event Centre.
Our taste buds were greeted by Air bandung special, which is cold milk added with rose syrup and a scoop of ice cream. Certainly and exciting preview of things to come.
This is the traditional fish and chips. Its crunchy crust and juicy meat really turned our appetite up. It is served with straight cut fries, i.e. thick cuts, so you can feel the potato, unlike shoestring variant found in fast food joints.
This Lamb Shank is the specialty of the shop. Due to quality control, you must preorder by contacting the proprietor (at 016-8340993) to be able to enjoy this dish. Reason? well simply because Mr. Siva makes the effort of procuring only the freshest supply of lamb shanks, slow cooks them from 11am onwards, so that by the time you arrive, your lamb shank is nice and tender. 

And you shall not be dissapointed because the meat just falls off the bone, and it has been trimmed of most of its fat, so all you get is the lean bits. Their mashed potato was soft and well beaten, but light as they held back the dairy cream, so its kind on your waist and hips. It is served with butterd rice, so you can pour the gravy to your hearts desire on your rice. I was tempted to suck the bone and lick the plate dry, but stopped short because my antics would definitely scare custormers away.
This is nasi goreng kampung, topped with sunny side up. Very traditional West Malaysian style, with ikan bilis, chopped long beans, big chilli and eggs. Bobidom remarked that its authenticity brings back memories of her time living in West Malaysia. The soft fluffy rice being intermittently accompanied by crunch bits of long beans and ikan bilis, is definitely a nice variance from the normal everyday nasi goreng.
This is lamb chop and they are served with either black pepper or mushroom sauce. The lamb is marinated with rosemarry to give it a nice herb-y flavour. The lamb chop comes with the same soft mashed potato as the lamb shank.
Mr. Siva surprised us again with desserts to end our already hearty Meal. 2 scoops of ice-cream with hershey's chocolate sauce, accompanied by home made brownies. The brownie was sweet with a just a light hint of bitter and it has bits of lightly burnt chunks which makes it very homely.
All food was graciously provided by our host and the proprietor, Mr. Siva. For the record, even their Chefs once ply their trade at Sutera Hourbour resort, hence all food prepared are assured of a five star quality. Scroll down below for menu item.

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