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Are You Moist Enough?

Monica Wednesday, October 13, 2010
I couldn't help but thinking of the Moist Chocolate Cake whenever someone strike up the question of 'Are you moist enough?'. It truly proven that I'm a foodie isn't it? Well, back to the topic, with all the environment conditions that I'm exposed to, it wasn't easy for me to keep my skin moisturize.
The facts that I'm always indulged in all types of food included heaty food, can sometimes put a strain on my skin.
No doubt exercise is good for the body, however, with the intensive workout I had, I might be losing excessive fluids in my body.
Having a long working hours in the office caused my skin to be dry.
Being in KK, I could hardly avoid myself from the hot sun which not only will cause pigmentation but also moisture loss.
The effects of late night sleep were obviously shown not only on our faces but also our skins.
But I'm in my 30s, still stunning and beautiful. What's my secret?
I have Vaseline...
It comes with 4 variants to suit different skin needs
Vaseline Total Moisture is my best buddy during hot sunny days. Enriched with Vitamin E, soy and oat extracts, it can provide 10 times* the nourishment and moisturization skin needs to stay healthy.
Vaseline Healthy White is my daily routine's must-have. It contains yogurt serum and vitamin B3 with triple sunscreen protection. It replenishes skin with a sheer burst of hydration, to bring out healthy fairness and natural radiance.
Vaseline Aloe Fresh is my perfect getaway after a hard day work. Enriched with aloe vera and cucumber extracts, its light formula ensures skins is smooth and silky while staying healthily nourished with refreshing sensation.
Vaseline Intensive Rescue is my remedy during my bad 'skin' day. Contains Glycerin, which instantly triples moisture and Occlusives, which helps to lock moisture in all day. This advanced formula is specifically designed to help heal dry skin.
A special thanks dedicated to Vaseline for keeping my skin amazing!

So, am I moist enough?

*This post was written for the purpose of joining Nuffnang and Vaseline's "are you moist enough" blogging contest.
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maslight said...

Been wanting to try the aloe one XD

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