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Shee Yaan Restaurant @ Muar, Johor

Angeline Tuesday, October 19, 2010 , ,
Shee Yaan Restaurant @ Muar
30 and 31, Jalan Pesta Baru 1,
Pusat Perniagaan Pesta Baru,
Jalan Bakri
88450 Muar, Johor
Tel: 06-953 9014
Food: 4.2/5
Services: 3.5/5
Cleanlines: 4/5
During lunch time Wei Wei bought us tho this most famous restaurant in Muar, she had pre-ordered all the food for us and for her relatives, few tables. This is a must eat place for tourist and local, popular for their fried Dragon Lip fish, Asam Fish, most deep fried stuff and fish.
Pick your seafood here
"Loong Sher Yue" direct translated from mandarin "Dragon Lip Fish", every table ordered this, everyone come for this!
Only one sided, look like slipper as well
Deep Fried Loong Sher Yue (Lidah), RM28.00
Tah chrunchy and fresh... I had three of this
Asam Fish, RM26.00
Fish was fresh but the gravy tasted a bit too sour, have to eat together with rice
Tofu with Thai Style, RM12.20
Very appertising, tasted like sald tofu...I like sweet and sour
Stir-fried Stingray with soy sauce, RM28.00
This dish tasted a bit too salty, but fish meat was tender and fresh, match to go with plain rice
Deep Freid Egg, RM5.00
Very homey taste, just add soy sauce or dark soy sauce, to you own liking
Deep Fired Squid, RM12.20
Fried till perfection, chrunchy, not too chewy, good to it just like that
Otak-Otak, RM8.00
You can't escape from having otak-otak in Muar, everywhere, yes, it was good!
Longan Dessert, free
Total paid for lunch, RM103.20
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