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Rabiah Curry House @ Damai

Monica Saturday, October 30, 2010 , , ,
Rabiah Curry House
Location: Next to Watson and Olde Station
Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
I had always like to have Mamak's food just because it always reminded me of my childhood memories. In every typical Mamak's stall in KL, a plate filled with hard-boiled eggs will be serve on the table whereby it will be charge accordingly only if the customers consume it. I still remembered, my brother and I will never missed the hard-boiled eggs whenever we get to dine at a Mamak's stall .
Maggi Goreng Mata Kerbau 
A simple plate of fried instant noodle topped with a fried egg is name as Maggi Goreng Mata Kerbau. The noodle was simply fried with some cabbages, choy sum, onions and egg. Savoury taste with mild spiciness and sourish flavour.
Roti Banjir
Not a lot of people accepted the way Roti Banjir was serve. Still, it is more preferable to order a plain Roti Chanai which comes with Curry/Dhaal sauce separately. Roti Banjir were loosely translated as Flooded Bread. The Roti Chanai was cut into pieces and topped with Curry Sauce and Dhaal Sauce before it was served. This allowed the Roti to be soaked with the sauce and easily be consume. It tasted flavourful.
Fried Chicken with Rice
My Indian friend used to tell me that the best way to eat the Fried Chicken in a Mamak was to consume it together with some rice and topped with curry's gravy. The Fried Chicken filled with mild curry spices tasted savoury on its own. Eaten with the curry's rice, it was a good combination.
Total Paid = RM10.70 (including plain water and Teh-O)
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