Restoran Salim @ Lintas

Teh Tarik Madras is an unique drink you can widely find in KK. The tea consist of smooth tea texture with great aroma and delicious flavour.

Restoran Salim
Location: Opposite Orange store, near Yen Ai
Teh Tarik Madras, Teh-O
Teh Tarik Madras is made from 3 quarter of Susu Tarik (pulled-Milk) topped with a layer of tea with a thick frothy top. 
Mee Goreng Ayam
In Restoran Salim, Mee Goreng Ayam is one of the popular dish. Noodle stir-fried until fragrantly good with its accompaniments (shredded cabbage, choy sum, chili, egg and chicken), it is simple but nice.
Roti Canai
A must order in a mamak stall, Roti Canai. Staple food which suitable to be eaten all-day-long. The light, flaky and fluffy texture of Roti Canai tasted good together with some curry's gravy or dhaal.
Pre-packed Meehoon
The pre-packed Meehoon consist of stir-fried meehoon topped with sweet-spicy sambal. Another common dish you can find in a mamak. 
Total Paid =RM10.10


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