Loh Mee @ Lido Food Court

Lam Mee is also known as “Birthday Mee” in Penang and it is usually served during birthday celebrations to wish the birthday boy or girl longevity. Traditionally Lam Mee is yellow rice noodles cooked in gravy made of stock of prawns and pork ribs or chicken. It is then served with toppings like colored shredded eggs, prawns, pork ribs, shallots crisps and chives. The specialty of this dish lies in the gravy where it gives you a perfect blend of seafood from the prawns and sweetness of the pork ribs. The Nyonyas will always serve Lam Mee with Sambal Belacan as it completes the flavour of this dish.

Lido Food Court
Location: Next to Milimewa,
Lam Mee RM5.00
A bowl of Lam Mee which is hard to come-by in KK, could be found in Lido Food Court. Decent flavours with generous portion. For a change, you can also opt for Koay Teow instead of the yellow noodle to go with the broth. The smooth Koay Teow managed to absorbed the broth well and tasted delicious.
Koay Teow Soup RM5.00
Koay Teow Soup is another soup-based noodle you can find in Lido food court. Flavourful soup served with your choice of noodle, shredded chjicken and vegetables. (fyi, originally, the koay teow soup comes with assorted ingredient, i.e. prawn, shredded chicken, fish ball)


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