Bakso Sumber Rezeki @ 1Borneo

Hawker stalls are inexpensive places to eat. Traditionally, hawker stalls consist of simple wooden stalls on the roadside, with a few stools to sit at. However, at Bakso Sumber Rezeki, you will find some long wooden tables and benches as well.

Bakso Sumber Rezeki
Location: Next to 1Borneo, easily spotted by the roadside
Bakso Special RM3.50
Although the hygiene factors of the stall remained questionable, couldn't be deny that this humble stall serve great Bakso at a cheap price. A bowl of Bakso Special which looked ordinary from your first glance, comes with full of surprises. It consists of a huge meatball stuffed with wedge of hard-boiled egg, small meatballs, beancurd stuffed with minced beef, hard-boiled egg, shredded cabbage on top of silky smooth Meehoon swimming in a pool of flavourful's beef broth.
Grilled Chicken WIng RM1.50 each
Grilled Chicken Wing play an essential role in the food culture of Sabah. The uniquely sweet and distinctive flavour of the perfectly grilled chicken wing can easily be found everywhere in Sabah. It is one of our comfort food as well. Highly recommended!
Nasi Goreng Ayam RM4.00
A  plate of fried rice with chicken and egg is simple yet delicious. Perfect for lunch or dinner.


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