Kedai Kopi Tai Meng @ Damai

Loh Mee which derived from the hokkien dialect, is literally translated as “Stewed / Braised Noodles”. Whilst it is not stewed as long as say, a meat dish, nevertheless the cooking time is longer for this type of noodle compared to others. There are two types of Loh Mee in Malaysia, ones come with a thicker gravy and usually served with black vinegar while the other, cooked in prawn's and pork's broth and served with sambal belacan.

Kedai Kopi Tai Meng
Location: Next to Fook Yuen, Damai
Loh Mee RM6.00
Based on my own preferences, I preferred the Loh Mee served with black vinegar. The thick yellow noodle was braised in broth thickened with corn starch and beaten egg, accompanied by pork, seafood and crisp croutons of pork lard. With a few drops of black vinegar added before consuming, it created a more flavourful, slightly sourish but appetizingly good flavour to the noodle.
Tuaran Mee RM6.00
Springy Tuaran Mee stir-fried with egg, chicken and choy sum, is always one simple meal loved by most Sabahan. Kedai Kopi Tai Meng definitely done a great job on the dish.
Wor Tip RM6.00


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