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The Yogitree @ Garden, Mid Valley City

The Yogitree
Lot F237-B, 1st Floor,
Garden Mid Valley City
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2282 6163
Fax: 03-2282 6213
Food: 4/5
Services: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
At Yogitree, food here is not your typical idea of healthy fare but dining here is not about abstinence or deprivation. They practice "Going back to basics, food is cooked on a slow heat to preserve all the nutrients and to retain its natural taste. Food here are prepared just as it would be in your mother's kitchen. As described by owner Au Tai Hon, he don't believe that any food is unhealthy but everything that's done excessively is unhealthy.

Yes, in future I would love to operate this kind of restaurant, organic healthy cooking with a very comfortable ambient! Will dine here again, food here worth every pennies you pay for!
Homemade Lemonade, RM7.00
Refreshing lemon, no ice added, tasted even better with a touch of mints
sugar syrup at the side, add up as much as you needed 
Chargrilled pure Aussie Cheeseburger, RM27
Cheeseburger was served with thickly cut homemade fries, organic coleslaw, and gherkins. I order mine, beef patty to be almost well done but still very juicy. Sudden feel of my junk food affair has turn healthy with the way food were prepared or cooked here and using only the natural fresh ingredient.


Total paid for lunch, RM37.40
Christmas Decoration


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wah.. nice place to hang out too

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