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Contributed by Brian Lee: New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice @ SS15 Subang Jaya

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New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice @ SS15 Subang Jaya
No.2, Jalan SS 15/4B,
Subang Jaya.
Tel: 03-5611 1568

This is one of the newly open branch of New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice, they have been operating this food business since 1977, well known for their famous Ipoh nga choy kai (bean sprouts and chicken), with choice of kampung chicken or ordinary chicken cooked either by roasting or boiling. Boiled kampung chicken has a smooth and soft texture, which makes it their recommended dish at this place.Other side orders of crunchy taugeh and meatballs are also available. However, the menu has recently been expanded to include roast pork kuay teow and claypot rendang chicken. Perpetually bustling with customers around lunch and dinner time. The food is good and the prices are reasonable enough to warrant a visit.
The Menu

BBQ Pork, RM10.00

Roasted Chicken, RM10.00
Steamed Village Chicken, RM10.00

Blanched Beansprout with soy sauce, RM2.00
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