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Contributed by Angie: Ah Tuan Ee's Place @ The Curve

Angeline Tuesday, December 21, 2010 , ,
Ah Tuan Ee's Place
No. 155 Level 1,
Western Courtyard The Curve
03 - 7710 3603

This Nyonya restaurant is located at The Curve, one of Ah Tuan Ee's Place's branches. Standards like the ju hu char, otak-otak and chicken pongteh are all here. Total paid for dinner tonight was around RM230+ for 5 adults
Pai Tee
Nyonya Kuih Pai Tee are virtuous snacks that showcase clean flavors and brilliant combination of fresh ingredients–it’s undeniably one of the most inventive and vividly luscious Nyonya creations. Crispy and delicious!
The Rendang was incredibly rich with spices. It wasn't too spicy and the meat was so tender and flavourful.

Sambal Sotong
The squid which was thick and juicy, tasted so springy and tasty with the Sambal. The Sambal was sweet, spicy with a hint of sourish taste.
Vegetables with Oyster sauce
Pandan Chicken
Fragrant and crispy!
Fried Golden Beancurd topped with Minced Meat and Chicken
It was okay. Nothing to be shout home about.
Curry Fish Head
The Curry Fish Head was the highlight of the dinner. Fragrant, creamy and rich with curry spices. With a mild tang of sourish taste, the dish tasted more appetizing. The fish head was fresh and meaty.
Around RM250 ++

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