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Xian Ding Wei @ Sunway Pyramid

Joanne Monday, December 13, 2010 , , ,
Xian Ding Wei Taiwanese Tea Room
OB 3, LG1.7 and 1.8, Oasis Boulevard
Lower Ground Floor
Sunway Pyramid Mall(Right next to Jusco)
Tel: (+603) 5631 3322
Fax: (+603) 5631 8866
The interior of the restaurant is Chinese oriental with a soft & cozy touch. I like the ambiance of this restaurant and planning to bring my family here soon to try this place out (again!).

We were craving for taiwanese food for this hot weekend, we decided to go to Sunway Pyramid and dine at  Xian Ding Wei.
Original Milk Pearl Tea, RM4.90
 The "black pearls" are chewy & slightly sweetened and the milk tea tasted good
Mango Snow, RM6.90
Refreshing dessert, fresh and sweet mango
Braised Pork Set, RM18.90
Meat just melt in your mouth....slurp!
Three Cup Chicken Set, RM18.90
 "Sam Pui" Chicken, pungent & fragrant cooked chicken with 3 types of sauces, served in a small claypot to Highly recommend this if you're to dine here.
Braise Pork Meat and Lard rice (Set Meal)
Braised pork rice here is so flavourful & it goes well with the rice that I could have just the braised pork rice alone. So good
Sweet Braised Squid Set, RM19.90
‘Sotong’ is the best, spicy and fresh gives you the spongy biting, nicely fried on the outer layer with some sprinkle of sesame seed which definitely get the aroma out and the sauce was sweet.
Soup and Side Dish (Set Meal)
Oyster and Large Intestine Vermicelli, RM7.90
Oooh this was my favourite.

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