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Brussels Beer Café @ Jaya One

Angeline Thursday, December 23, 2010 , , , , ,
Contributed by Sin Pei or MyFavouriteTaste
Brussels Beer Café
L20G Block L, Jaya One.
No 72A, Jalan University,
PJ, 46200 Selangor.
Tel: 03- 7954 2000

Well, Jaya One and two visits post again. The 1st visit was quite a long time ago, last Christmas eve. Quite a number of us went there, including TTM, our client. We actually wanted to try its set lunch but too bad it was public holiday eve so they din offer any set lunch. That was our 1st visit to Brussels Beer Café and I didn’t really enjoy it much due to its slow service. We waited about half and hour before our pasta was actually served. And one more thing was that we haven’t tried its set lunch and this brought us for the 2nd visit. As we went there on Friday, we definitely can only choose those were in the categories of ‘Friday’. The environment was nice and cozy but it was not spacious. The tables are almost full during lunch hour.
The deco on the wall
We browsed through the menu and it was hardly for us to make an order. Well, maybe this is bcuz it is a beer café or the western cuisine is a bit too pricey for us.
Finally, what we all ordered Pasta
Brussels [email protected] RM20.80 -Sauté Pasta with fresh chilies, egg plants & prawns. As I am not a cheesy and cream lover, this pasta actually suited me.
Carbonara [email protected] RM20.80 -Creamy pasta with pork bacon top with parmesan cheese.
I do not really into pasta, so I chose something else to fill my stomach and it was waffles.
Belgian [email protected] RM10.80
Warm homemade waffles served with thick chocolate sauce, honey, butter and ice-cream.
Since so coincidence that three of us went there, we decided to order two different set lunches on Friday and the new item-Padini Sandwishes! Overall, I prefer the 2nd visit as the set lunches were nice. They were really tasty and yummy and it was considered cheap!
For your information, all set lunches are served with salad and a soft drink. Salad is self-service and refillable while the drinks are also bottomless
Iced Lemon Tea
Whole Chicken Leg with corn on the cob and serve with brown sauce
Traditional Fish and Chip
Daily Padini Sandwich
Toasted Padini Hawaiian Style Cajun Chicken, Pineapple & BBQ Sauce with Fries
This set is RM14.90++ with a glass of soft drinks.
Contributed by Sin Pei or MyFavouriteTaste
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