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Dinner at Home @ Northpoint, Mid Valley City

Angeline Wednesday, December 29, 2010 , , , , , ,
I am shopping around Mid Valley for some Christmas gifts and at the same time snapping some photos to blog about it.

Food Garden is a Food Court located on the 2nd Floor of The Gardens just right next to Borders Bookshop.
Borders @ The Gardens

Elvis Bookmark

Paper Toys
Sushi Zanmai food are quite value for money
Sushi Zanmai at The Gardens
Bought this apple speaker for Christmas Gift
Successfully bought some Christmas gift, now heading back to Northpoint for homecooked dinner. Look at those traffic, Mid Valley has a good Feng Shui, always so crowded.
Dinner ready as I reached home

Mum's cooked my favorite food for me before I leave KL
Steamed Kampung Chicken with ginger dipping sauce, very nice, sweet and tender chicken
Soy, Ginger and Onion dipping sauce
Braised Pork with mushroom
Best to eat the mushroom cause it has fully absorbed all the flavors of gravy
Stir-fried Romainne Lettuce
Stir-fried Button Mushroom, Chicken Liver and pineapple with sweet and sour sauce, this one is our must have dish during festival.
Roasted duck (take away from Salak South Hawker Van)
Juicy and tender roast duck, nicely spiced.

Hakka Style of eating with green for wrapping
This both delicious Green Tea Redbean Swiss Roll and Sponge Cake was bought by my cycling friend's "Corrine and her bf" for me to try or indulge. Thank you, very nice of you.

Cake was soft and has an intense green tea flavor, not too sweet, lots of red bean and cream

Green tea red bean sponge cake. Mum, me and bro eat up both of this cake right after dinner

RT Pastry House
My brother say this is a famous Pastry House
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