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Contributed by Gengta Tan: Genji Japanese Restaurant @ Hilton, PJ

Angeline Saturday, December 18, 2010 , , ,
Genji Japanese Restaurant
Hilton Petaling Jaya Hotel
No. 2 Jalan Barat,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 60-3-79559122
A place for fine food, wine and lifestyle. Genji Japanese Restaurant has carved a reputation for its consistent quality offering a myriad of traditional Japanese cuisine including seasonal delicacies,  ideal for social dining with business associates and with family. However, be prepared to fork out a little more money if you planned to dine-in at the restaurant.
Fresh Ingredients
Our Bill
By now, you'll have know what I mean...

The photos weren't really complete as I never intended to blog about it 
California Temaki, Soft Shell Crab Temaki, Chawanmushi and Salad
Both the California Temaki and Soft Shell Crab Temaki was delicious due to the fresh and quality ingredients being used.
Cold Dish Platter
Sushi Bento
The Sushi Bento was pretty simple. It comes with Tempura, Sashimi, Sushi Roll, Sushi, salad, Miso soup and fruits. The Tempura's batter was crispy and doesn't tasted greasy. Sashimi was really fresh that it tasted like it could melt in your mouth. The Sushi was tasty too.
Shokado Bento
The Shokado Bento consisted of some Tempura, Unagi Sushi, Grilled Fish, Salad and Sashimi. The Unagi Sushi was delicious. Juicy and fat Unagi grilled to perfection with the sweet sauce. The Grilled Fish was fresh and sweet.

Teppanyaki Konban Set
The highlight of the day was the Teppanyaki Konban Set. Fresh Seafood being cooked to perfection. The juicy and succulent taste of the Seafood was so hard to be resisted.
The Beef was so delicious as well. Cut into bite size, the beef was tender and juicy.
Azuki Macha Ice Cream
Green Tea Ice Cream topped with red bean is a perfect match. Fragrant, creamy and sweet.
The Tiramisu was good. Not too sweet, creamy and rich in Mascarpone Cheese and Coffee's flavour.

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