Steamed Fish Head and Frog Leg Porridge @ Tmn OUG

Steamed Fish Head and Frog Leg Porridge @ Tmn OUG
(located at the corner coffee shop facing the morning wet market)
Food: 3.5/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
You know why was I at OUG again today, well, it was the Night Market/ Pasar Malam day, I'll make sure paying a visit here every trip I'm in KL so I won't feel missing out on something when I'm back in KK. I guess I blog about this Steam Fish Head stall once, dining here with mum and bro. I love fish, steam fish, one of the food I craved for!
Look at how many pot of porridge they have sold for this evening!
2 x Kitchai Ping, RM4.00
Plain Porridge and Kung-Po Frog Leg, RM16.00
Porridge here was smooth and good, not watery
Frog Leg was tender and juicy, but the gravy will be a bit salty so that you can flavor your plain porridge and finish the whole pot of porridge yourself.
Nicely blanched Choy Sum, still juicy and crunchy, oyster sauce have a nice sweet flavor and a good aroma from the fried garlic plus oil topping
Steamed Fish Head with Ginger Paste and Vegetable with Oyster Sauce, RM26.00
I must say this steamed fish head was so good, I think I ate most of it, leave only a very small portion for my friend to get a taste, haha. I highly recommend you order this style of cooking for your steam fish head!
Total paid for dinner, RM46.00


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