I Love Yoo! @ Garden, Mid Valley City

I Love Yoo Food Stall @ LG Level Garden, Mid Valley
Food: 4/5
Services: Self-service
Cleanliness: 4/5
If you're a typical Chinese, then you must not miss out on this for your breakfast. Be prepare to queue up, this place is always pack, not matter what time you go, lots of working people here buy take away from here for breakfast, snack, tea-break, or light meal. How great it is, now street food are easily found in the mall, cleaner environment and more comfortable dining ambient, just cost you a little more only.
Popular order: Set A - Porridge with Yao Tiao and Set B - Soy Milk (hot) with Yao Tiao, both set are price at RM3.90nett.
Freshly made fried cruller, non-stopped
Cold Soy Drink also available here
Wooo....good stuff
Set B - Soy Milk (Hot) with Fried Chinese Cruller/Yao Tiao, RM3.90
Hot Soy Milk
Absolutely good, nothing bad to talk about
Crispy, hollow, chewy and so good to go together with soy milk or you can opt. for porridge, just as good as its look, or order both Set A and B, will last you till lunch
Only RM3.90 to start your day with a great breakfast!


Three-Cookies said…
Looks delicious. Is that just soya milk heated up or is something added to it?
Angeline said…
It's a hot soy milk, freshly made, that's just foam, nothing added, but it was sweetened :)

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