Contributed by Sin Pei: Theobroma Chocolate Lounge @ Pavillion

Contributed by Sin Pei or My Favourite Taste

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge
Lot C4.C5.02, Level 4,
This was my 2nd visit to Theobroma Chocolate Lounge when my sis came to KL to find me.
I am always a chocolate lover although this sinful chocolate can make me fat! 
Iceberg Lady@ RM10.90 -Milk Chocolate Float
Fair Lady Frappe@ RM12.90 -Belgian Milk Chocolate Frappe
Ms Coco Frappe@ RM12.90 -Belgian Dark Chocolate Frappe
Our Belgian Chocolate Drinks~
For me, I still prefer my Ms Coco Frappe~!! It is very rich and not too sweet if compared with the other two.
Honeydew Green Tea@ RM9.90
As my sis not feeling very well, she ordered something hot.
We also ordered something sweet to ea
Chocolate Chips & Sultana Crepe@ RM15.90
Love this! The crepe with the chocolate inside is superb. Enjoying the melting chocolate inside my mouth~! So yummy 
Besides the drinks and food, let us check out the chocolate itself… 
Here is the list of chocolate that we bought:
Dark Merlion – RM4.90
Frogs-Dark – RM4.90
Red Rose – RM5.90
Cappuccino Cups (Mini) – RM5.90
Hazelnut Squares – RM5.90
Leaf (Peppermint) – RM5.90
Hazelnut Nougatine – RM5.90
Cinnamon Truffle – RM5.90
Double Mocha Truffle – RM5.90
Choc. D.W. Almond(Milk) – RM3.90
Cherry Ripe Heart – RM5.90
Turtles – RM4.90
Overall, the chocolate taste good and just nice, but not every chocolate impress me much.
Red Rose made by white chocolate…

Contributed by Sin Pei or My Favourite Taste


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