Station 1 Cafe @ Beverly Hills

Station 1 Cafe in Beverly Hills is a place where you can enjoy ala-carte meal throughout the day. Cater mostly to the working adults around the area, the prices of the meal are afforable.

Shared by Norbert G Kimlon
Station 1 Cafe @ Beverly Hills
(located at the same block as Lotto and next to Restoran Mohammed III)
Tel: 019-5339831
Price for a meal: from RM4.50 - RM15.00

Pan Mee
Homemade noodle with pork, fried anchovies, sweet potato leaves and black fungus served hot in anchovies broth. It is a Hakka's dish loved by all.
Kon Lau Mee with Char Siew
Springy noodle tossed-dry and mixed with flavourful sauce, topped with sweet Char Siew and minced pork, garnished with spring onion. Simple and tasty.
Kon Lau Mee with roasted pork
 Roasted Pork and minced pork on a bed of Kon Lau Mee, sprinkled with spring onion. It is a common dish you can find in most local restaurant.
Fish Fillet Meehoon Soup
Fresh fish fillet cooked with Meehoon in a sweet-savoury broth. The succulent taste of the fish was well maintained while the soup tasted flavoursome.
Shared by Norbert G Kimlon


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