Hawker Food @ Bukit Padang

Street-hawker food is where ones can experience the most authentic flavours of Malaysian cuisine without spending much.

Hawker Stalls
Location: Bukit Padang's parking lot
Tun Fuad Kota Kinabalu, 88300 Sabah.
Famous ABC Stall
When mentioned about street-hawker food in KK, Bukit Padang is the most visited place by the locals. With its variety of choices available, the stalls attracted lots of patrons during the afternoon.
Tau Fu Fa, RM2.00
Smooth and delicious beancurd served in sweet syrup. One of the best Tau Fu Fa you can find in KK.
Curry Meehoon, RM5.00
A rich and creamy bowl of Curry Meehoon served with beancurd puff, Char Siu, pig's skin, fish cakes and bean sprouts. If you like some extra flavour, you can opt for an add-on of cockles. 
Rojak Buah, RM4.00
Rojak Buah is the Malaysian version of fruit salad which consist of mixed fruits with sweet and spicy peanut sauce. Sweet, spicy and appetizingly good.
Curry Chee Cheong Fun, RM4.00
Smooth flat rice noodle served with curry sauce and beancurd puff. Simply good.
Char Kuey Teow with cockles, RM6.00
Savour with wok taste, nice fragrant and deliciously flavoured, these tasty Char Kuey Teow with cockles is something not to be miss when you visit the hawker stall at Bukit Padang.
ABC with buah Atap, RM4.00
Refreshing, rich, creamy and sweet ABC with generous ingredients. A highly recommended dish at the hawker stalls.
Mango Pudding Drink, RM2.70
Kaya Butter You Tio and Tausa Chin Peng, RM2.50
The local way of consuming the Chinese cruller; spread with butter and kaya. Crispy and aromatic with sweet and savoury flavour. 


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