Kedai Kopi Ria @ Damai

Char kway teow, literally translated as "stir-fried flat rice noodle", is a popular noodle dish in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore. Although Char kway teow has a reputation of being unhealthy due to its high saturated fat content, the dish was first invented mainly served to labourers. The high fat content and low cost of the dish made it attractive to these people as it was a cheap source of energy and nutrients. Throughout the years, these delicious dish gained its popularity and become a common hawker's food loves by all.

Kedai Kopi Ria @ Damai
Damai Plaza Phase 3, Luyang
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
(Located next to Multi-Bake)
Char Koay Teow, RM4.50 per plate x 3 orders
In Kedai Kopi Ria, you can find a decent plate of Char Koay Teow at a cheap price. Only cost RM4.50 per plate, the Char Koay Teow comes with huge portion and generous ingredients; cockles, prawns, bean sprouts and egg. Savour with wok taste, the Char Koay Teow is tasty and nice.
Stir-fried Choy Sum, RM6.00
If Char Koay Teow alone wasn't enough to satisfy your huge appetite, you can also order some dishes from the Tai Chow's stall in the restaurant.
Sweet and Sour Chicken, RM12.00
Crispy chicken fillet coated with sweet and sourish sauce, stir-fried with cucumber, onion and tomato, it is appetizingly good.


fishm0i said…
I love the Thailand Ngau Chap and Kon Lau Mee stall in the morning!
Angeline said…
Yes, we did the food reviewed for Thai Ngau Chap...really nice :)

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