Nasi Kerabu Kelantan @ City Park, Jalan Pantai


Nasi Kerabu literally means "rice salad". Kelantan has a variety of Nasi Kerabu. Nasi Kerabu Biasa ('Normal'), Putih ('White'), Hitam ('Black', though the actual color is blue after the flower used as colouring in the recipe) and Kuning ('Yellow', for the turmeric used in the cooking process). Each Kerabu is usually served with a matching, traditional 'sambal'. The 'Kerabu' (salad) itself can be any combination of vegetables or edible leaves. Importantly, a sauce called budu must be included for the dish to qualify.

Nasi Kerabu Kelantan Stall
Location: Next to Old Farm Seafood Restaurant, opposite DBKK
Nasi Kerabu Kelantan with Fried Fish
The Nasi Kerabu is served with Kerabu (combination of long bean, cabbage, cucumber, ginger flower and lemongrass), Coconut sambal, Fish crackers, Budu sauce, Chili sauce and your favourite dishes. Traditionally, the dishes which goes well with the Nasi Kerabu are Fried Fish, Grilled Chicken and Solok Lada. The taste of the Nasi Kerabu is not only special, sourish and spicy but also fragrant with assorted herbs flavour.
Nasi Dagang with Gulai Ayam
This is a mix of glutinous rice and black rice which is cooked with coconut milk and some spices. Served with your choice of dishes, we opted for the most common Nasi Dagang's dish, Gulai Ayam. The chicken with thick and creamy gravy, rich in flavour and delicious, goes just perfectly with the rice.

Total Paid = RM13.20 (including 1 X Teh-O)



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