Qing Zhou Xiao Cai @ Beverly Hills

For a taste of Taiwanese Porridge, you can head up to Qing Zhou Xiao Chai in Beverly Hills. Caters to late night goers, the restaurant is open from 5pm till 3am.

Qing Zhou Xiao Cai @ Beverly Hills
Jalan Bundusan Penampang,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

San Bei Chicken, RM20.00
San Bei Chicken, literally translated as Three Cup Chicken, referring to the sauce used for it. Traditional Taiwanese's recipe called for a cup each of soy sauce, sesame oil, and sugar, with added ginger and basil to prepare the dish. Served hot in a claypot, the chicken was tender, fragrant and flavourful.
Sweet Potato Porridge, RM6.00
Taiwanese Porridge also refer to Sweet Potato Porridge as sweet potato is use to cooked the porridge. The sweet potato basically enhanced the taste of the porridge by adding sweetness to it.
Bittergourd with salted egg, RM8.00
A nice and simple dish to go with the porridge, Bittergourd with salted egg, a savoury, creamy and tasty dish.
Stir-fried Sweet Potato Leave, RM8.00
 Fried Pickled Radish Egg, RM6.00
A common home-cooked dish, Fried Pickled Radish Egg, is a simple and tasty dish which goes really well with porridge. 


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