Restoran 575 @ Kingfisher

A plate of Cantonese Style Fried Yin Yong is hard to come-by in KK. Finally, I found it. The different between Yin Yong and Wat Tan Hor is the noodle used; Yin Yong used both flat rice noodle and thin rice noodle while Wat Tan Hor only used flat rice noodle).

Restoran 575
Location: Kingfisher Plaza, near Permai Polyclinic
Cantonese Fried Yin Yong RM5.50
The thin rice noodle was deep-fried till crispy and placed at the bottom part of the dish. Then, it was topped with stir-fried flat rice noodle, followed by thick egg's gravy cooked with seafood, pork and choy sum. Flavoursome gravy with great noodle texture. The flat rice noodle contained savoury wok taste while the thin rice noodle consisted of both crispy and fragrantly good texture which you'll enjoy much till the last bit of the dish.
Braised Yee Mee RM5.50
Springy egg noodle braised with chicken and choy sum in a sweet-savoury dark sauce. Delicious. 


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