Kedai Kopi Gunung Emas @ Luyang

During the day, Kedai Kopi Gunung Emas is famous for its Chicken Rice and BBQ Pork Rice. During the night, there is a humble hawker stall which offers tasty ready-cooked food. For hygienic purpose, the cooked food were stored in a pot and also in the plastic paper drawer, hence, the stall look pretty empty.

Kedai Kopi Gunung Emas
(located at the back of Milimewa Supermarket)
Bornion Centre, Luyang 88300 Kota Kinabalu.
Stewed Wild Boar, RM6.00
Stewed for long hours, the Wild Boar meat was tender and flavourful. Enriched with spices and aromatic, the dish goes really well with rice.
Braised Chicken with Soy Sauce, RM5.00
Deliciously flavoured, the chicken was smooth and moist. It tasted sweet and savoury with nice fragrant.
Pan-fried Fish, RM6.00
Pan-fried Fish topped with sweetened soy sauce, simple yet a delightful dish to be eaten with rice.
Total paid for dinner, RM19.00 (3 dishes + 2 steamed rice)


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