Kedai Kopi Tenom and hawker stalls @ Damai

Every now and then, we love to be back to our favourite eatery and indulge ourselves with food. For a taste of the most authentic Malaysia food, it is best to visit the hawker stalls.

Kedai Kopi Tenom
Location: Damai, same row with Fook Yuen
Rojak Buah RM5.00
With numerous posts on our website, needless to mention, the food here are cheap and delicious.
Claypot Chicken Rice RM6.00
Craving for a steaming hot pot of Chicken Rice? The rice is cooked in a claypot and the marinated chicken, Chinese sausages and salted fish were added-in later. The crispy rice sticking at the pot is the most enjoyable part of the whole dish. Well, not healthy though, but once in a while won't harm much.
Fried Noodle RM5.00
A simple stir-fried noodle with chicken, fish cakes, bean sprouts and egg is one of our favourite dish. Sweet and savoury yet tasty.
Grilled Chicken Breast RM15.00
For Western cuisine, we had the Grilled Chicken Breast to share. Perfectly grilled chicken breast topped with flavoursome sauce, served with baked potato, coleslaw and fries.
Foo Chow Fried Rice RM5.50
A twist to the fried rice, Foo Chow Fried Rice consist of fried rice with egg, topped with assorted vegetables cooked with chicken in a thick gravy. A special and delicious dish.
Total Paid = RM36.50


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