Kedai Kopi Kun Hin @ Gaya Street

Nasi Katok is a famous dish originated from Brunei. Katok is actually ''ketuk'' in Malay language and its mean knock. The story behind the name of Nasi Katok begun by a group of teenagers who were feeling hungry after a midnight practice. They went to a residential house which offered Nasi bungkus (a pack of rice with chicken and egg) even in the middle of the night. At any time you could just Katok (knock) on their door, and the owner will come up with fresh hot Nasi Katok.

Kedai Kopi Kun Hin
Location: Next to Thien Thien Restaurant, opposite Milimewa
Nasi Katok RM3.00
Nasi Katok usually consisted of steamed rice served with fried chicken and sambal (chili paste). It is simple, nice and filling.
Fried Rice with Seafood RM6.00
Apart from Nasi Katok and Economy Rice, Kedai Kopi Kun Hin also serve freshly cooked Fried Rice. At the price of RM6.00, generous ingredients were given. The rice was fried with plenty of prawns and chicken. 


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