Dragon-I Shanghainese Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid

Dragon I-5

“Xiao Long Bao”- small morsels of heavenly dumplings filled with minced meat and delicious soup, wrapped with paper thin skin are my kind of comfort food on a rainy night. Last week, that rainy night happened, and I had to drag Saucer with me to the nearest XLB joint for dinner. The thought of biting into the piping hot soup dumpling, with skin looking like it’s ready to explode, and the soup bursting with flavour, was just too good to resist. That was the reason we ended up at Dragon-I, Sunway Pyramid that night.
Dragon-I Shanghainese Restaurant
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
G1.43 Ground Floor (Near the skating rink)
Tel no.: +603-7492 3688
Dragon I-12
Freshly made la mian
Dragon I-11
Stir Fried String Beans with Minced Meat
The Stir Fried String Beans with Minced Meat is my personal favourite at Dragon-I because I seldom find this dish elsewhere. Although a tad oily, the string beans were fragrant and nicely coated with savoury minced meat.
Dragon I-14
Sauteed Diced Chicken with Chili
Another dish that I always ordered is the Sauteed Diced Chicken with Chili, almost similar to Sichuan style. I was delighted to know that this dish was part of the Set Dinner, and it came in such a huge portion! The chicken dices were sizable and aplenty. My only gripe was that perhaps too much flour was used in coating the chicken, but otherwise, the flavour was there and the chicken was tender. Don’t be deterred by the sheer amount of dried chili used, for I didn’t find the chicken to be overly spicy. Just nice.
Dragon I-13
Hot and spicy chicken dice
The chicken portion was really huge that even both of us had a hard time finishing it. Not that we’re complaining.
Dragon I-16
Mango Sago Cream Dessert
Last but not least, something sweet for the palate! Ordering the set dinner proved to be a wise choice, for we had the option of ordering the desserts for just an additional RM4.80 each, instead of the normal price of more than RM9. There were several choices in the list but both of us opted for the Mango Sago Cream
Dragon I-17
Dessert (Yeung Ji Kam Lo).
It came in a large elevated bowl with a generous amount of mango puree, mango cubes, sago and bits of pomelo on top. What’s not to love? The mango cubes were generous and sweet, the mango puree was fine and the sago at the bottom gave us a soft and mushy bite. We enjoyed the dessert tremendously and left with a happy tummy.
Dragon I-18
Mango cubes, mango puree, sago and pomelo = a happy person. At the end, I was a happy girl to have satisfied my XLB cravings, and then some.
Dragon I-5

Contributed by Mei Yee or Iamthewitch.com


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