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Brisik Restaurant @ Jaya One

Angeline Wednesday, March 2, 2011 , , , ,

From the outside, Kafe Brisik doesn’t really draw you in. Besides the laminated menu with less than impressive photography of the food, the rather tacky banner and blown up food photos plastered on the outside hardly helped. If that is not enough to turn you away then maybe the unbearable silence from within the restaurant might. On this particular Sunday lunchtime, patrons were conspicuous by their absence. It really doesn’t help Brisik’s cause with the Duck King next door packed to the rafters and queues developing outside. This was truly an experiment in food quality as a function of a restaurant’s occupancy.

Thankfully there are certain rewards for the brave. If you dared to walk in, you’ll notice the comfortable alcove on the ground floor with sofas for those waiting for a table – although it wasn’t required on this occasion. The restaurant is a short climb upstairs where the dominant theme is mismatch. The hodgepodge of colours and fabrics that were chosen to decorate the restaurant was more hippy than hip. Although the cheap Formica tables with fake wood motifs were a definite irritation, the restaurant itself is spacious enough and comfortable.

The seat on the balcony is actually very pleasing. Although the vista may only be of half-filled office blocks as Jaya One is still fairly new, they managed to create a rather ideal location for hanging out and sipping a cool drink. There is also no need to worry about the service, for it is only the touch of a button away, with every table on the balcony equipped with a waiter-holler device. (

Brisik Restaurant
Lot M3-1, Ground Floor,
Palm Square, Jaya One,
No 72A, Jalan University, Seksyen 13,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03-7958 6681
I personally like this restaurant as the ambiance is good, food is nice and the price is reasonable. (That's y I recommended them this restaurant . U can see the 1st page of the menu introducing what is really meant by 'BRISIK' and their food is from the heart. BRISIK...It's all about feeling cozy, comfortable,easy....
Last time when I went there we ordered their 'hidangan khas' which is a set for 4 persons. And this time we chose to hv our own ala cart food :)
Special happy hour!!All of us ordered this~ =)

Starter for the set for pasundan : Gado Gado

Starter for the set for Thailand: Kerabu Mangga
Crispy Prawn and Cuttle [email protected] RM14.00
Satay [email protected] RM12.00
Nasi Ikan [email protected] RM15.90
Fried rice with grilled dory fish
Tum Yam Fried [email protected] RM15.90
With seafood,chicken,mushroom and tum yam paste

Tum Yam Fried [email protected] RM15.90
Vermicelli fried with seafood, chicken, mushroom and tum yam paste
Nasi [email protected] RM15.90
Seafood fried rice mixed with vegetables, prawns & cuttlefish
Thailand Chicken Fried [email protected] RM15.90
Thai style fried rice with chicken
Nasi [email protected] RM15.90
with eggs, seafood and chicken
After lifting up the banana leaf...nice~

The drink: Lemon Grass
Dessert : It is neither Serawa Papaya nor Sticky Rice in the menu. It is sago mixed with coconut
We thought that it should be different for pasundan and thailand set but the drinks and dessert were same for both sets. A bit disappointed =.=
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