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Duck King [email protected] Jaya One

Angeline Saturday, March 19, 2011 , , ,

Jaya One post again! I've always been told that Duck King serves good quality and tasty food. We found out that it actually got set lunch and yea we sure went and tried. The set lunch is really worth to try. Food is really nice with cheap price, you really shouldn't miss this!

Duck King Restuarant
8-G Block M, Jaya One,
27, Jalan Universiti,
46200 PJ.
Tel : 03-7957 9819
Basically, there are only two sets lunch available - Emperor Chicken Drumstick Rice and Szechuan "Dan Dan" Noodles. Both sets cost RM12.80++, included dessert or drinks.
Emperor Chicken Drumstick Rice
Szechuan "Dan Dan" Noodles
Seriously, the duck and chicken meat are really awesome! You can't miss the egg too. The combination of the set lunch is just NICE!

Dessert 1 : Chilled Mango Dew with Sago and Pamelo 杨枝金露
Dessert 2: Chilled Lemon and Lemon Grass Jelly 西柠香茅冻
Green Delight 菠箩菜心汁

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Jason Lee said...

I was introduced by someone to dine in the restaurant despite the ill comments I saw online. And I went and gave it a chance. However I was greatly disappointed. The price of the duck was reasonable but the vegetable was priced over the top. I ordered a plate of medium sized HK Kailan and it cost me RM30+, I don’t think even if it’s an import stock it would cost this much. As for the taste, despite the good comments about the duck it actually tasted plain not very delicious though the skin is quite crispy. For the char siu, it was too sweet and it tasted weird. In addition it was very burnt and the portion was small.

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