The Daily Grind @ Bangsar Village

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The Daily Grind is really an unpretentious burger joint that offers delicious gourmet burgers and so much more. I could see it as the perfect place for a casual dinner with a group of friends or even with the significant other, enjoying juicy burgers with that gorgeous milkshake.

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The Daily Grind
LG8 Lower Ground, Bangsar Village,
1 Jalan Telawi 1,
59100 Bangsar Baru,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel no: +603-2287 6708
Fax no.: +603-2287 6707
Business Hours: 11am – 11pm daily
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“Gourmet”, also referring to a connoisseur of food and drink, is a noun widely used in the culinary world. But when it is combined with the word ‘burger’, what exactly does it mean? I have no official definition for it but I would think that “GourmetBurger” is a burger made from the finest quality ingredients, by someone who is knowledgeable in good food. In contrast to the frozen burger patties of fast-food restaurants, gourmet burgers are prepared fresh daily with good quality meat, as well as good quality bread. The Daily Grind proclaims to be the gourmet burger experts, which in itself was enough to warrant a visit from us one night.
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Situated at a corner on the lower ground of Bangsar Village, one could easily bypass this restaurant if one does not pay attention, owing to its rather obscure placement of its signboard. However, once you found the hole, it would lead you to another world of brick walls in its rawest form, comfortable couches, as well as friendly and chirpy staff. My, I could tell that the night was going to be a fun one.
It was a double-date night, and we all ordered drinks enough to last the night. Deserving particular mention that night was the Oreo Milkshake, which came in a tall glass of creamy and cold mixture, generously sprinkled with bits of Oreo cookies. It was bursting with the goodness of home-made vanilla ice-cream, delicious and very addictive!
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In-house Ketchup
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Nachos with cheese (RM12)
Our first dish was Nachos with Cheese, a plate of oven-baked nachos with shredded lettuce and melted cheese, served with guacamole, salsa and sour cream. While I usually like nachos especially for starters, I found these to be quite average, with the nachos being too hard in texture. It’s either that or we took too much time in snapping pictures resulting in them getting cold? Point to ponder.
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TDG’s Crabby Caesar Salad (RM25)
TDG Crabby Caesar Salad, however, was more of my kind of starter! I specifically asked to order this when I saw that Soft shell crab was involved. I mean, I love soft-shell crab! The crispy and crunchy exterior, the soft and crabby flesh, as well as the juiciness from biting into the whole combination. TDG didn’t fail to deliver and the combination of lettuce with crab meat worked wonders! I was almost too selfish to share this dish. Almost
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TDG Dynamite Wings (RM18)
When Saucer saw the word ‘dynamite’ in the menu, I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist ordering that dish. The TDG Dynamite Wings had juicy chicken wings marinated with secret explosive sauce that sent all of us to our drinks. Perhaps I was exaggerating, but these wings are definitely not for the faint-hearted. One bite into it revealed juicy and tender chicken meat, but wait for a few seconds and the signals came straight to our head – it’s spicy! I was pleasantly surprised that they managed to make the chicken spicy and tasty at the same time, instead of just the former. One of the nicer chili wings we had!

Of course, when we’re at The Daily Grind, we couldn’t resist from ordering burgers. Under high recommendation from the waitress was a burger aptly coined as Lamburgerni, not the car, but the grilled lamb patty with smoky tomato sauce, pesto and grilled vegetables stacked on top. The first thing I noticed was the burger bread used – it’s whole grain and healthy! Just look at the generous amount of oat on top of the bread, I could feel my face lit up because finally, I have found a restaurant that serves burgers with a healthy twist.
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Lamburgerni (RM28)
Just look at how thick the burger patty was! It was extremely juicy and tender, with distinct flavours of herbs and pepper within, and funnily, almost no gamey taste at all! If you don’t fancy the gamey taste of lamb, this is the burger for you.
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