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Woodland House @ Karamunsing Capital

Angeline Monday, March 7, 2011 , , , ,

Woodland House was recently opened in Karamunsing Capital last month. They are famous for their KL Fish Head Noodle, and as such most of their specialty are soup noodle.

Woodland House
D-0-3, GF, Block D, Karamunsing Capital
88300 Kota Kinabalu
Sabah, Malaysia
Tel: 088-488 980 or 016-970 6373 (Weng Seng)
Business hours: 10:00am - 3:00pm
Broth or soup base and freshness of the fish is what makes a good serving of fish head noodles. You can opt. for with evaporated milk for more creamy taste which offset well by sour flavor of the salted vegetables. There's also a hinge of ginger and rich taste of seafood in the broth. Mee hoon also plays an important role, judging on how well its consistency when left in hot soup.

3 x Drink, RM7.50
Fresh Fish Meehoon Soup, RM8.50
The clear broth was aromatic which derived its strong flavor from chinese wine. There is also a tinge of sourness from tomatoes and pickle vegetable. The fish was nice to chew and fresh, while the broth did not have any fishy taste at all

KL style thin meehoon


Sang Har (Coming soon on the menu)
We were served with succulent big prawn courtesy of the proprietor. The flesh was firm and meaty.



Fish Paste Meehoon, RM8.50
Their homemade fish paste was tender and tasty, very homemade taste as it probably didn't use any MSG.


Loh Mee, RM8.00
Thick yellow noodle was nicely cooked and the starchy broth tasted good too, tasted even better with a touch of black vinegar

added with a hinge of black vinegar


Honey Lemon, RM2.50, Ribena Lemon, RM2.50 and Milo, RM2.50
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maslight said...

Fish paste meehoon looks tempting. Btw, the last photo, the banner put 8am - 3pm?

Angeline said...

I guess they have cahnge their business hour to 10am-3pm, caters more to the lunch crowds :)

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