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Puteri HANG LI PO @ Karamunsing Capital

Angeline Tuesday, March 15, 2011 , , , ,

A halal restaurant with comfortable and family's friendly ambiance is hard to come by in KK. Apart from the famous Kak Nong, Nasi Padang Ibu and some other Malay's restaurant, Puteri Hang Li Po in Karamunsing Kapital is also one of the restaurant which serve halal food.

Puteri Hang Li Po
Chinese Muslim and Thai Seafood Restaurant
B-0-3 and B-0-3A, Ground Floor
Karamunsing Capital
Kota Kinabalu
Menu Board.... Must!!!
Feature the Chinese Muslim and Thai cuisine, the restaurant attracts many people. Well, I would said that Puteri Hang Li Po offers a pleasant dining experience with fairly good dinner.
 Tit Bits
 Steamed Rice for 2, RM3.00
 Mini Wok Beancurd, RM10.00
 Sabah Vegetable with Garlic (Small), RM12.00
 Deep Fried Prawn with Soy Sauce, RM16.00
 Fish Head Curry, RM40.00
 Total paid for dinner, RM90.20

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