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LSY Pot @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

Angeline Friday, March 25, 2011 , , ,
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What makes the perfect claypot chicken rice? Claypot cooking, a traditional style of cooking that is popular in Asia, has a long history dating back to centuries ago. This style of cooking is done where food is placed inside a claypot, then added with water and placed on top of burning charcoal. The claypot is said to be able to distribute heat evenly and maintain the moisture within, hence creating food that is flavourful and moist. Claypot Chicken Rice, a famous Chinese dish in Malaysia, is made popular through the method of claypot cooking, together with the many ingredients that make it flavourful.

LSY pot-1
No. 22, Jalan Puteri 2/4,
Bandar Puteri Puchong,
47100 Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel no.: +6012-918 3866 (Alfred)
Opening Hours: 8am – 10pm daily
GPS Coordinates: 3.021923,101.616045
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LSY Pot, a restaurant that focuses on claypot dishes, has just arrived in Puchong recently. With owners hailing all the way from Bercham, the land famous for claypot chicken rice, the restaurant seemed promising at first glance.
LSY pot-2
Three Layer Tea (RM3)
LSY pot-3
Beancurd Rolls (RM0.80 each)
We started dinner with some finger foods, usually served to patrons during breakfast. The Beancurd Roll (fu chuk) was rather huge and generously stuffed, but I suppose it was deep fried for just a tad too long that night, resulting in slightly charred edges. Still, the pork fillings inside were pretty tasty.
LSY pot-4
Vegetarian sheets (RM2.30 each)
The Vegetarian sheets, on the other hand, were nice and chewy. They had a slight crunch to it especially on the edges, giving it a nice bite and texture.
LSY pot-13
Oriental Claypot Chicken Rice (RM6.90 small, RM13.50 large)
But of course, when we’re at LSY Pot, the main dish that we were waiting for was the Oriental Claypot Chicken Rice, served in a huge claypot in all its glory. So what exactly made this claypot chicken rice so irresistible? Firstly, the tell-tale aroma gave hints of slightly charred bits of rice at the bottom of the claypot.
LSY pot-5
Chicken meat, waxed meat and salted fish completed the ensemble
Secondly, the huge servings of well-marinated chicken on top of dark-coloured rice and thirdly, a generous portion of lap cheong (waxed meat) was enough to make anyone salivate. Last but not least, salted fish! Usually, other shops would just provide tiny bits and pieces of salted fish that would take a magnifying glass to spot, but the ones given here were sizable salted fish fillets. Yes, one does not need to squint to look for these flavourful gems. And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the perfect claypot chicken rice.
LSY pot-6
Chicken served on a plate on top of white rice
By default, the claypot chicken rice is served together with dark coloured rice, which was mixed with dark soya sauce. But if you prefer to have the chicken served with white rice instead, you can opt for them to be served separately – chicken on a plate and white rice in the claypot. In fact, we found that this version of claypot chicken rice was equally good, if not better, than the first pot!

The common side dishes to go with claypot chicken rice would be boiled vegetables, usually blanched with hot water and served with soya sauce and fried shallots on top.
LSY pot-12
Taugeh / Bean sprouts (RM4.90 small, RM8.90 large)
LSY pot-7
Lettuce (RM4.90 small, RM8.90 large)
LSY pot-17
Claypot Bitter Gourd Soup (RM6.90)
Besides claypot chicken rice, we also had a try at their claypot soups, such as the Claypot Bittergourd Soup and Claypot Chicken Wine Soup. Aside from the fact that they’re a little salty for my liking, I found them to be pretty hearty and comforting. Some might comment that the chicken wine soup was not thick or concentrated enough but I found it to be just fine. Perhaps I’m not a fan of things too bitter anyway, so the level of wine in this soup was pretty comfortable to me.
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