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Tuah Bakery @ Palm Square, Centrepoint KK

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Tuah bakery has been filling the air with its sweet smelling buns for years now. Hence very little intro is required for this well known establishment, which had its humble beginnings as Roti Man.

Over the years they have added many variety of products for their original Coffee bread and Chocolate Mocha bread. Amongst their current line-up are Vanilla Chocolate bun and Vanilla Coffee bun. Besides buns they have also added local delights such as curry puffs as well as soft skinned popiah (aka spring rolls). It should be known that the soft skinned popiah has a crunchy filling, hence the  name Crunchy Popiah.  The entrepreneurial minded proprietor has also added Air mata Kucing for refreshments and it is understood that they will be adding ice-cream into their product line up.
Did you know that Tuah bakery also supply coffee bread to Olde Station chain of restaurants in KK? In fact the crunchy popiah that you consume at Olde Station also comes from Tuah Bakery.

The popiah is fragrant and has a crunchy skin. While the buns are so soft while the toppings has a crumb-y feeling just as you would find from consuming soft cookies, it has a buttery filling and its fragrance would break away as soon as you tear the bun in half. Indeed a marvelous creation
Bread Menu

Popiah, RM2.90
Great control of baking make a great bread
Ingredient for flavors bread
Vanilla Chocolate Bread, RM2.00
Vanilla Coffee, RM2.00
Mocha Bread, RM2.00

Our Take-Away

Air Mata Kucing, RM2.20

Curry Puff, RM2.00

 Their curry puff is a must try, spicy and rich filling with crunchy outer crust. For the record, I have overstuffed my face prior to doing this review, yet I find it still a delight consuming this wonderful pastry. Oh but you've got to be quick because these babies run out very fast.


Anyway, we would like to thank Mr. Robby Chang for inviting us to review his outlet. That humble entrepreneur is the one you see in blue :) 
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maslight said...

Coffee bread is nice, I'd normally throw the topping and eat the fillings though XD

Angeline said...

Maslight, have you tried the new Bread and Pizza shop in Damai, next to the POS office???
Any good eating place that you found recently?
You can share and publish your post here, as contributer and will put your link in your post, we have a very good traffic now :)

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