Asian Bike Tour Thailand 2017 from 1st September - 7th September 2017 at Northern Lanna region, Thailand

A group of cyclists from Malaysia are going for Asian Bike Tour, this is a bike race with only 200 qualifier cyclists, race started on 1st September - 7th September 2017 which the cyclist have to cover 1,200km in 7 days and most of the routes are climb. Each day the cycling distance is from 165km - 220km and the cut of time will depends on the distance, maximum cut of time will be 12 hours for 200km. Follow us on FB for more update, Please Like and share this page
Asian Bike Tour (1st September - 7th September 2017)
LOCATION: The route connecting 4 provinces Chiang Rai, Phayao, Phrae, Nan
Opening Ceremony for the qualifying stage
Event start off with the sponsors to lead the race
About Northern Lanna region, Thailand:
The Northern Lanna region such as Chiang Rai, Payao, Prae and Nan is known fortheir beautiful natural scenery and unique culture that has been passed down from generations to generations. The region is full of rich knowledgeable resources that shows the simple way of life yet fascinating. The region is known mainly for agriculture as the main income for the locals due to the fertility and geographical linkage with other regions such as GMS and AEC from land, water and air suitable for commerce, investment and tourism. With this advantages showing the great potential the region has to offer as an growing economic city and a world renowned touristic area in the future.
Race route surveillance and plan race map details in the Upper Northers region provinces of Chiang Rai, Payao, Prae and Nan passing through the following locations Chiang Rai- Amphoe Chiang Khong, Chiang Rai - Pulangka Amphoe Pong, Payao – Huaykon Amphoe Chalerm Phra Kiat, Payao - Amphoe Boh Kluea, Payao – Amphoe Muang Nan – Amphoe Muang Prae – Amphoe Muang Payao – Chiang Rai
Total distance of 1,200 Km.
Daily race route:
1st Day Race
Chiang Rai - Chiang Khong, Chiang Rai Distance 195 km.
2nd Day Race
Chiang Khong, Chiang Rai – Phulangka, Amphoe Pong, Payao Distance 175 km.
3rd Day Race
Phulangka, Amphoe Pong, Payao- Huaykon, Amphoe Chalerm Phra Kiat, Payao – Amphoe Boh Kluea, Payao Distance 185 km.
4th Day Race
Amphoe Boh Kluea, Payao – Amphoe Mueng, Nan Distance 135 km.
5th Day Race
Amphoe Mueng, Nan – Amphoe Mueng, Prae Distance 150 km.
6th Day Race
Amphoe Mueng, Prae – Amphoe Mueng, Payao Distance 185 km.
7th Day Race
Amphoe Mueng, Payao – Chiang Rai Distance 175 km.
Route Map -
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