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We were invited to yet another sumptuous meal by a very talented and local foodie, Chef Terrence to his quaint restaurant called Seven Seas Restaurant. If you find the proprietor familiar, that is because he was one of the final 24 contestants of MasterChef Malaysia. Located at the Corner of MarketPlace 88 nearest to the Shell Station, Chef Terrence made his dream of opening his own restaurant into a living passion. This self-taught Chef has had long experience with food, working with his mother's catering business since he was a young boy. Today, we were wowed by his wonderful creation.

Seven Sea Restaurant
Sabah, Malaysia
Hours Mon - Sun: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Tel: 016-5848699
Facebook: Seven Sea
Chef Terrence
This Chef likes to compete in culinary competition, after MasterChef Malaysia, he and 5 other teammates will compete in a Hot Kitchen cooking competition to be held Penang sometime in October 2012.
Monica, Jack ( Chef Terrence (Seven Sea) and Alfred (KK Food Fest.)
First off, we were served with 'Full Moon Stuffed Crab'. This tasty dish consist of minced crab meat mixed with mashed potato, baked in the crab shell, and topped with egg. This dish was also featured in MasterChef Malaysia by Chef Terrence. This dish will only cost you RM18

Chef Terrence is a strong advocate for making your own pasta, and he has been doing so for years and has become good at it. Thus, the Fettuccine Carbonara is his signature dish, that has win praises by judges at MasterChef Malaysia.The pasta was thin but firm and the sauce, made from double-cream, gives it a full bodied texture. This dish will only cost you RM15.90

This next dish is a dish that is well loved by many orang KK - Oxtail asam pedas. Once made famous by Hyatt Regency Kinabalu, Chef Terrence presents his own rendition of the famous dish. The meat has been painstakingly cooked over low heat for hours to give you that juicy tenderness, and the gravy, when accompanied by rice will make you weak on your knees -  Fragrant, rich and just a little hint of spiciness.This dish will cost your RM23.
This next dish is called Chicken Lover and everything on this plate is made from scratch - even the sauce. This dish consist of Chicken omelette wrapped in seaweed, followed by "money bag" which is minced chicken in herbs - inside taste very Italian, but fused with chinese dumpling skin. Then we have the sauteed vege and finally deboned drumstick, baked with mozarella cheese and glutinous rice, breaded and deep fried. This dish will cost you only RM25
This next dish is called golden prawn RM15. Crunchy deep fried skin, but with juicy and fresh shrimp inside where the fresh taste just flows inside your mouth. This dish is a big seller, whereby the proprietor even received orders from West Malaysia.
Lastly is a dish that is well loved by the team at EverydayFoodIlove - Big, homemade juicy burger. The sight left us teary eyed at finally having found another burger haunt. The taste made us weak at our knees. What's best about this dish, walk in to the restaurant, from 11am to 3pm , mention "I want MasterChef Burger" and you will get this dish, plus lemonade, for only RM10. Normal price for burger ala-cart is RM13
Walk in to the restaurant, from 11am to 3pm , mention "I want MasterChef Burger" and you will get this dish, plus lemonade, for only RM10. Normal price for burger ala-cart is RM13
Seven Seas restaurant is definitely a good place to enjoy good food. Honest and passionate chefs, with sincere hearts is reflected on their food. On a side note, the grand opening for this restaurant will be on Monday 6th February 2012. So  come on over, and bring your friends.
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