Kedai Kopi Yum Yum @ Jalan Teratai, Tawau has change to (DOTCO), we are no longer using (DOTCOM).

Kedai Kopi Yum Yum is one of the restaurants in Tawau which caters to late night goers. The restaurant is famous for its deep-fried food especially the exotic deep-fried chicken bishop.

Kedai Kopi Yum Yum
Fajar,Tawau (Jalan Teratai),
Tawau, Sabah 91007.
Pick your own ingredients for deep-fried
Herbal Drink RM2.00
Stir-fried Meehoon RM1.00 per pack
A packet of Stir-fried Meehoon consist of a single serving of Meehoon stir-fried with vegetables in black soy sauce and light soy sauce. As it is meant to be consume during supper, the portion given is not huge.
Assorted Deep-fried Food
Deep-fried Food always tasted good when fresh. Crunchy and tasty. Not healthy though, especially if consume during supper, but once in a blue moon won't harm much, right!
Price List:
RM1.00 per 3 bishops
RM0.80 per Squid Ball
RM1.00 per Chicken Wing
RM1.00 per Other Ingredients available
Deep-fried Chicken Bishop
Deep-fried Chicken Bishop (chicken butt) is a delicacy in Kedai Kopi Yum Yum. It was deep-fried till golden brown. Crispy and aromatic.

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