Ha Ha Siu Pan Mee @ Tmn Yulek, Cheras

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Hahasiu serve up many good pan mee to cater to the discerning taste buds. It has expands the traditions with not serving a simple and delicious Traditional Pan Mee but also with some alternative special Century Egg Pan Mee aka 'pei tan kau', Herbal Chicken Pan Mee, trendy Lat Jiu Pan Mee, Chili 'Ma Lat' Pan Mee, Curry Pan Mee, Tom Yam Pan Mee, Fried Pork Pan Mee and many more. Also famous  for fishcake, homemade tong sui and varieties of tau foo far.

Ha Ha Siu Pan Mee
10, Jalan Kaskas (Yulek), Taman Cheras
56100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 91308018
GPS: 3.099946.101.741767

Drinks: RM2.50 - RM3.50 each

Must try this refreshing drink!

Curry Mee, RM5.50
Thin pan mee goes really well with the rice santan gravy or soup, generous serving of ingredient. Springy and smooth noodle, simply delicous.

Lat Jiu Pan Mee, RM5.50
Lat Jiu Pan Mee came with lots of dried chilli flakes, anchovies and half-boiled egg. Mix it all together and you'll get a bowl of flavourful chilli pan mee. The noodles though were springy and smooth.

Traditional Pan Mee, RM5.00
Traditional Pan Mee is something not to be missed as this is one of the most eaten favorite order. You can opt for the thin or hand tear noodle. The noodle come with crunchy fried anchovies, shredded black mushrooms, fish balls, fried shallots and potato leaves which it is a vital to have in every bowl of pan mee served.

Traditiona Dry Pan Mee, RM5.00
If you don't like soup, you can opt for this traditional dry pan mee which is more flavorful with their special made dark soy sauce.

Penang Prawn Mee, RM5.50
You can order normal meehoon mee for this Penang Prawn mee or opt for pan mee. Soup was fragrantly rich with prawn aroma, came with slices pork, half cut of boiled egg, shrimps, beansprout and kangkung.

Shot with Nikon D7000
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