Olive Bistro @ Jalan Masjid, Tawau

Although Tawau is just a small town, its residents is never deprived off of Italian Food. This is because good italian food can be enjoyed at Olive Bistro, one of the well known restaurants in Tawau.

Olive Bistro
Tb. 1878, Lot 4,
Jalan Masjid Tawau
91000 Sabah, Malaysia
Tel: 60 89 770093
Fax: 60 89 712967
Fajar area, Tawau Sabah. (Near to Mb hotel and King park hotel)
Located at Jalan Masjid, we were very happy and honoured to be invited to have a go at their food. Incidently Olive bistro is the same owner as Eaaat, which was posted last week.
Turkey Ham Pizza RM14.90
First of all, we had Turkey ham pizza. This pizza has a crunchy thin crust, with big pineapple chunks and lots of ham slices, the cheese was fragrant with herbs too. This will cost you RM14.90 for a 7 inch pizza. There are also 11 different type of pizzas to choose from and calzone as well.
Olio Spicy Pesto Seafood RM10.90
Next we had olio spicy pesto seafood. The pasta was done just nice, and the sauce was fragrant, the seafood consists of calamaris, mussels, and de-shelled prawn. There are also many other tomato and cream based sauce. This dish will cost 10.90
German Style Sausage RM25.90
Next up we had german style sausage. The meat for the sausages are non-pork, as this place serves no pork. There are few flavours giant sausages, such as cheese, black pepper, beef. These sausages is topped with mashed potato bathed in sour-cream and onion. Very filling and is meant to be shared as it is quite a huge dish. 
Baguette Mushroom 
Next we had baguette mushroom. The mushroom was topped with mozzarella cheese and the mushroom they used was huge chucky wild mushroom.
Mussel Pot RM27.90
Next we had mussel pot. This is good value for money as there is a lot of mussels in a big bowl. It also comes with buttered and toasted baguette. The mussels were very fresh and tasty as it is cooked in wine and reduced to leave a very nice fragrance to eliminate the sea smell.
Gold Rush RM6.90
For desserts we were served with Gold rush, which is a smoothie consisting of Mango, Peach and passion fruit juice. Combined, it creates a very sweet and exotic flavor this drink costs RM6.90
Black Hole RM6.90
Next up was black hole, which is essentially chocolate smoothie topped with whipped cream and chocolate rice. Very sweet and nice and all your senses gets sucked into this black hole. This drink cost RM6.90 as well
Tiramisu RM8.90
Last but not least, we were given a nice surprise of Tiramitsu. It was soft and sweet inside while mixed with the slightly bitter chocolate powder outside. This dessert costs RM8.90. Very nice to end a hearty meal.
Of course no italian restaurant is complete without wine and Olive also have a wide variety of wine to choose from such as Lindermans, Wolf Blass, Hardy, Wyndham Estate and sparkling Italian wine, Asti Spumante.

Overall the food served here is quite nice and is on par even with some of the good italian restaurants in KK. Who says that Tawau is missing out on all the culinary action?

Shot with Nikon D7000
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Anonymous said…
Halal ka?
Angeline said…
No Halal Jakim Sign but it's a serve no pork restaurant

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