Eaaat @ Unijaya Commercial Centre, Tawau.

Located at one of the newer shoplot development, Eaat serves up a wide array of savory dishes matched only by its selection of desserts. We were certainly honored to have been invited to visit this quaint eatery.

TB 16026, Ground Floor,
Block B, Unijaya COmmercial Centre,
Jalan Sg. Tanjung,
91000 Tawau.
Tel: 089-712983
Homemade Crispy Tauhu RM5.90
First up, we were served with homemade crispy tauhu, accompanied by sweet spicy sauce. The tauhu or tofu, had a crispy skin while at the same time having a slightly soft, fragrant and tasty filling. The sauce was really a nice accompaniment too. This dish will cost you RM5.90
Mega Toast Sandwich RM9.90
Next up, we had to opportunity to bite into mega toast sandwich. This is a huge dish that comes with 3 piece of thick french toast, and in between these bread comes in the turkey ham, beef bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, creamy mayo and topped with sunny side up. This big sandwich will cost you RM9.90
CHicken Chop Bun Cheese RM6.90
If you love sandwich but don't have the appetite, not to mention the big mouth for it, then Chicken Chop Bun Cheese is for you. Aromatic grilled boneless chicken wedged into pita bread together with lettuce, tomatoes, mayo and cheese, simple yet tasty. At RM6.90, you could have this in your stomach, but if you're not into cheese then ask the chef to hold the cheese and you get RM1.00 off.
Jumbo Prawn Mee RM15.90
For some Asian delight, we had Jumbo prawn mee, which was a big bowl of noodles, served with 6 de-shelled prawns, 2 de-shelled crab claw, 2 mussels,  hardboiled egg, and Kangkung or Water Spinach. It is certainly a huge serving and the seafood was awesomely fresh, while the broth was not too overwhelming, leaving you to enjoy the seafood in its entirety. This huge dish will cost you RM15.90 but since it can fill 2 belly, we say this is a definitely a steal.
Ayam Percik Yellow Rice RM8.90
Another Asian delight it Ayam percik yellow rice. Aromatic grilled chicken thigh bathed in sweet-savoury peanut sauce served with rice cooked in milk and turmeric to give it a rich flavor.The peanut sauce will also leave you wanting for more. Before you dig in your rice, taste the acar (or picked vege) on the side first to ignite your appetite. This dish will cost you RM8.90
Rose Tea + Honey RM3.90
As mentioned earlier, Eaaat has a wide range of drinks and desserts. First to appear on our table was Iced rose tea + honey. As the name suggest, there were actual rose freezed in ice cube, therefore slowly releasing the flavour to the drink as the ice melts. This drink costs RM3.90
Durian Pancake RM6.90
Next up we had a trio of fruit filled pancakes starting with Durian. The durian paste inside the pancake was fresh, fragrant and sweet, the pancake was thin but firm so it doesn't tear easily, holding the innards in place. This dessert costs RM6.90
Mango Pancake RM4.90
Cempedak Pancake RM5.90
Besides durian, we also tried the mango, and cempedak which was just as tasty and fragrant. These desserts will cost you RM4.90 and RM5.90 respectively.
Mango Madness RM7.90
Next, we had mango madness, which as the name suggest is all that is mango, from mango fruit bits, to mango ice-cream topped with whipped cream. This is a very exotic sweet delight, but its availability is dependent on mango season, so do try it when it is in season. Mango madness costs RM7.90. 
Jumbo Mango + Mango Ice Cream RM7.90
Next up, we have jumbo mango + mango ice-cream, this is a special dessert with lots of sliced mango bits rice balls, sweet syrup, and mango ice cream, all mixed together to infuse all types of exciting tastes. This sweet delight will cost you RM7.90
Apple Crumble RM5.90
Last but not least, we were treated with Apple crumble. It is a hot and cold dessert, with hot apple gravy, with apple bits at the bottom of the glass, and vanilla ice-cream on the top. There's also almonds and cookie crumbs on the side to give it some texture. This dessert costs RM 5.90

Shot with Nikon D7000
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