Pumpkin Cafe @ Jalan Air Panas, Tawau

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You've heard about Chicken Satay, Beef Satay, Lamb Satay or even Rabbit Satay, but rarely you heard about Pork Satay. In Tawau, Pork Satay is a delicacy loves by the locals.

Pumpkin Cafe
Jalan Air Panas,
91000 Tawau
Sweet Herbal Egg Tea RM2.00
At Pumpkin Cafe, you can find an array of food and beverage in their Menu. The Sweet Herbal Egg Tea is a tea based tong shui which is sweet and with a little tinge of bitterness from the tea and herbs with an egg in the tong shui.
Pumpkin Tong Shui RM2.00
For pumpkin lovers, the Pumpkin Tong Shui is something you couldn't miss. The pumpkin blended into puree, boiled with water, created a fine and creamy texture. It tasted sweet and nice.
Herbal Drink RM2.00
Yu Sang RM5.00
Yu Sang or literally translated as Raw Fish, is a popular dish in Pumpkin Cafe. The freshly sliced fish was topped with vinegar and garnished with shredded ginger. The Yu Sang has a moist and succulent texture with delicate fish taste. 
Fish Skin RM5.00
Fish Skin is also served as a delicacy in Pumpkin Cafe. The thinly sliced fish skin tasted a little chewy but delicious.
Zhu Zhap RM5.50
Zhu Zhap is a dish made of assorted pork innards braised for long hours. The pork innards were infused with nice herbs flavour and had a pleasant taste.
Sandakan Kon Lou Mee RM4.50
Although Sandakan Noodle wasn't a specialty in Tawau, Pumpkin Cafe do served a decent plate of Sandakan Kon Lou Mee. The springy noodle mixed with flavoursome sauce topped with Char Nyuk (Deep-fried Pork Marinated with fermented red beancurd) is a dish you can only find in Sabah.
Pork Satay RM10.00
As mentioned earlier, Pork Satay is a delicacy in Tawau. The perfectly grilled pork satay was delicious. With just the right balance of meat and fat, the combination of well-marinated pork chunks and pork fats melts in your mouth. Instead of peanut sauce, the Pork Satay was served with sweetened black sauce and extra hot chili sauce. It was a perfect combination. 
Sauce for the pork satay

Shot with Nikon D7000
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