Chiu Yuen Chiu Chow Noodle . Kau Kee Restaurant @ Hong Kong

Hong Kong's rich and colourful culinary history is intrinsically linked with the four main staple dishes. These are congee, noodles, rice and rice noodles. Although it may appear plain on their own, they act as an artist's canvas on which chefs use a palette of delectable tastes to create works of art loved by all that try them. Noodle are one of the staple food in Hong Kong. The city's love affair with noodles can be gleaned from the stacks of instant noodle cups at home and the noodle shops found on every street corner. Whether you're having Dandan, cart noodles or stir-fried noodles, you can be sure Hong Kong meet your needs.
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Chiu Yuen Chiu Chow Noodle, Wan Chai
37 Spring Garden Lane, Wan Chai
Hong Kong
Opening Hours : 10am – 9pm
Telephone : 852-2892 2322
Price for a meal: Below $40

It has at least 50 establishments specialising in Chiu Chow Fish Balls and Beef Ball Noodles. However, only a few can really capture the classic Chiu Chow taste and offer signature house dishes to entice regular customers. On a list of these rare restaurants, Chiu Yuen would be in the top three. You might say that their signature handmade Beefcakes are just beef balls in another shape, but you’d be wrong. They look and taste better than beef balls and their texture is springier. Be sure to try their Deep Fried Fish Skin; despite the name it is made in a special oven, resulting in a crispy yet not too oily texture. Customers often order take-away after their meal, as their appetite for this tasty dish is hard to quench! Other noodle dishes are Fish Cakes and Squid Cake Slices. These will help you gain a better understanding of Chiu Chow cuisine and how particular the people of Chiu Chow are about their food.
Crispy Fried Fish Skin
Hor Fun Soup with Squid
Mixed Beef Noodle

Beef Ball and Fish Ball Soup
Kau Kee Restaurant (Chinese: 九記牛腩)
21 Gough Street, Hong Kong
Tel: +(852) 28150123/2850 5967
MTR: Sheung Wan Station
Price for a meal: below HK$40

A noodle shop with over ninety years of history on Gough Street in Hong Kong. Kau Kee is noted for creating beef brisket noodles in clear soup[citation needed]. Famous patrons include Chief Executive of Hong Kong Donald Tsang and actor Tony Leung Chiu Wai[citation needed]. It is unique compared with other noodle shops in that it only serves beef brisket in clear soup and curry beef brisket, and does not serve fishballs, beefballs and other dishes usually associated with noodle shops
Spicy Mixed Beef Noodle

Mixed Beef Clear Soup

One of the Char Chaan Teng around Wan Chai area
Price for a meal: Under HK$40

Gon Chow Ngau Hor
Tasty's Fried rice noodle ( ho fun ) with beef
Beef Egg Noodle Soup
Hong Kong view through my lens.....
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