Chicken Hot Pot @ Taman Segar, Cheras

Chicken Hot Pot originated from Shanghai with Chong Qing Recipes. It has more than 200 outlets in China, including 5 outlets in Malaysia and other countries. Most of the ingredients are imported from Shanghai. Chicken Hot Pot food also has been voted as one of the famous Signature's Shanghai delicacies.

Chicken Hot Pot @ Taman Segar, Cheras
54, Jalan Manis 3,Taman Segar,
56100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone 03-91340575
Business hours: 10:00 am - 11:00 pm

Scandalously Spicy Shrimp
Made from fresh prawn, onions, leek, celery, sliced ginger and various of herbs and spices. Fresh shrimp in a mightily hot soup. There is only one choice of spice level for this dish.
So test your commitment, are you scandalously spicy?
中煲 (Medium only) : RM 25.80
* Price is subjected to 5% service charge.

Flaming Fish Soup
Dive into this scalding pot of spice fresh from the ocean. Choose from mild, spicy and wow and add as many onshore alternatives as you wish.
大煲 (Large only) : RM 34.80

Beef Behemoth
Premium cuts of meat in a highly complimentary soup. Choose from 3 levels of spiciness and add as many fresh vegetables or side orders as you wish.
小煲 (Small) : RM 20.80
中煲 (Medium) : RM 27.80
大煲 (Large) : RM 36.80

Dinasour Ribs
Made from premium grade of pork ribs, dried chilies, capsicum, imported BBQ sauce and various type of herbs and spices.
小煲 (Small) : RM 21.80
中煲 (Medium) : RM 28.80
大煲 (Large) : RM 37.80

Chicken Hot Pot
The famous pot among all. Tender chicken cutlets cooked in thick gravy made from onions, leek, coriander, celery, capsicum and over 10 types of herbs and spices. Choose your desired level of spiciness. Don't forget to add on our side dishes.
小煲 (Small) : RM 19.80
中煲 (Medium) : RM 26.80
大煲 (Large) : RM 35.80
* Prices are subjected to 5% service charge.
Chicken Hot Pot - Taman Segar ( Leisure Mall )
Everyday Special Set Lunch :

Set Lunch A (Small)
Chicken Hot Pot (Set A1) Rm 20.90 +
Dinosaur Rib (Set A2) Rm 21.90 +
Beef Behemoth (Set A3) Rm 21.90 +
Selection Of 1 Type Among 3 Types/Include 2 Glasses of Drink and 2 Bowl of Rice

Set Lunch B (Medium)
Chicken Hot Pot (Set B1) Rm 30.90 +
Dinosaur Rib (Set B2) Rm 31.90 +
Beef Behemoth (Set B3) Rm 31.90 +
Selection Of 1 Type Among 3 Types/Include 3 Glasses of Drink and 3 Bowl of Rice

Set Lunch C (Large)
Chicken Hot Pot (Set C1) Rm 40.90 +
Dinosaur Rib (Set C2) Rm 41.90 +
Beef Behemoth (Set C3) Rm 41.90 +
Selection Of 1 Type Among 3 Types/Include 4 Glasses of Drink and 4 Bowl of Rice
*The Above Price Is Subject To 5% Service Charge


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